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March 3, 2021

An Introduction to Gather The Suspects

It is the year 2025. Humanity hasn't so much fallen, as slowly stumbled downwards. There was no single cataclysmic event that led to the collapse of societies across the globe - more the culmination of a thousand small events. 

Serial procrastinator Jack always imagined that the end of the world would feature more Zombies or a cataclysmic nuclear event. He never expected the end of the world to be this… Well, boring! 

Well, until his flat complex is thrown into turmoil by murder, that is.

Accompanied by his flatmates, Kara and Geraint, Jack puts all those hours of watching terrible detective shows to the test as he sets out to find the killer. 

Will Kara crack the case without killing Jack?

Can Jack keep his concentration long enough to find the murderer?

Will their English neighbours learn how to pronounce Geraint correctly?

Find out in the first series of Gather The Suspects. 

Told through the exasperated eyes of best-friend Kara, we follow the case files of Wales' most unlikely private detectives. 


Season 1 - The Not So Dapper Death of Dapper Dan Harris

A murder has occurred in Prosperity Heights, and only one man can solve the case. Unfortunately for the residents, that man is slacker, and occasional anarchist, Jack Davies. 

When the body of penthouse resident, ‘Dapper Dan’, is discovered in the elevator, Jack, with his housemates' help, set out to find the killer in their midst. Could it be the mild-mannered Alex and Gethin Thompson? Maybe it’s the snotty, bigotted Hampsons? Join the most unlikely detectives in Wales and find out. 

A Very Boring Distopia - The World of Gather The Suspects

The US and England have become fascist States - England has long since closed its borders to the rest of the world, becoming a paranoid and secretive state. The US, Russia and China, on the other hand, are no longer able to wage economic warfare on each other, so are locked in a perpetual cycle of muscle-flexing, without the financial means to support a full war. 

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have broken away and formed a loose alliance. Society is functioning, but barely. Rolling black-outs occur. People still have a reliance on technology, but the Internet and phone signal are intermittent at best as access to salutes is restricted to European satellites.

In the newly independent Wales, society still functions to some degree of normality. Supermarkets and shops maintain a consistent (if basic) supply of food. Most of the actual labour is done by automation, so few people actively work to produce. Most who are employed work in a growing tech support sector,  keeping the ageing technology infrastructure online. 

Most of the emergency services are volunteers, which has created a significant strain on the police. Stretched too thin, often they can’t respond to calls, and when they do, they explain most things away in the most convenient way possible. 

While people are free to move around in Wales, the lack of clean air, jobs and opportunity to spend money means that most people just stay inside. Life is boring. So very boring.


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